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MULLINAX CUSTOM MOBILE CRUSHING brings our mobile crushing and screening plant right to your site. Mobile crushing is a great way to save both time and money by recycling excavated material into a usable construction aggregate.

From rock quarries, concrete and asphalt to the recycling of demolished buildings we take your materials and crush them to your specifications so you can reuse them right away on your project. The environmental impact of this service is very minimal compared to the alternatives; this helps save fuel, time, money and the environment. These materials can be re-used in a wide variety of applications from back fill, pipe beddings, utility trenches to road base etc.

If permits are needed (most times for farm and ranch they are not needed) MULLINAX can take care of the permitting process.

This is the ultimate recycling program.
Re-cycle, Re-use!

Mullinax Custom Crushing: 307-674-4466 #3

Laura Fink:

Nathan Mullinax:

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